Health and education

The ideal digital tool to stay updated.



Metaphors and itineraries help us show the culture and values ​​of each company.


Soft skills in e-learning.

To remember concepts such as ergonomics, teamwork, leadership.


Corporate universities

We help companies train and develop their teams, offering specific solutions for each profile, and using the right tools for meeting the needs of each group of people.

Onboarding eLearning Courses

A fun and attractive way to take the first steps in a company.

A virtual induction course allows constant updating of content, as well as its customization according to the area to which you want to address.

Product’s release

We help the salesforce to fall in love with the new product in order to sell it in the best way.

We offer different options and complexities according to the learning objectives to be achieved.

Specific training for all levels

  • Safety and hygiene courses.
  • New regulations and laws (PLA, Compliance)
  • HR tools, marketing.

You propose the topic, and we develop an eLearning tailored to the needs of your company and your team.

Simulations / system instructions

SAP, JDE or different internal management systems training, totally based on the customizations made in the implementation stage. Tailor-made SCORM courses.

Educational games / gaming

Any type of game can be used for educational purposes, from a simple alphabet soup to more complex role simulations or the use of computer programs, which help to put into practice different situations without the risk of rehearsing them in the real world, but rather in a controlled virtual environment.