We do e-learning

that enhances team development.



a fun and effective way to learn all kinds of content.


The key partner in the Human Resources area.

Creative strategies.

Our first step is to develop a strong educational proposal, together with the client. We give it a spin, we think about the student, about the company and we create proposals for dynamic, fun, agile eLearning courses.

Content development.

The next step is to develop the pedagogical proposal, tailored to each company. After that we work on the instructional design, write the scripts and then move on to the design and production stage.

Visual creativity

We take care of the aesthetic details of each project. Communication is not only in the words but also in the image and design of each element.

Custom programming

SCORM programming goes along with the projects and adapts to them.
In most cases, interactive courses are built in Articulate Storyline or Rise depending on the client´s needs.


0. Start

After analyzing the client´s needs, we estimate the scope and present a budget.

1. Content Analysis

We dig into the received content and put together a plain text document to define what is included, the structure and the pedagogical proposal.

2. Instructional Design

In this stage, the didactic scripts, writing, speech script are thoroughly worked on. Interactivities and everything related to the dynamics of the course or video are indicated.

3. Prototype

Following brand guidelines, graphic options are presented. The chosen prototype will then guide the general design throughout the course.

4. Production

This is when the magic happens! Upon approval of instructional design and graphical prototype, we begin to produce the course adding interactivity, animations and voice overs.

Ready to go!

After going through several feedbacks, quality control and testing, we deliver the SCORM so that the client can upload it to their LMS.