Health and education

The ideal digital tool to stay updated.



Metaphors and itineraries help us show the culture and values ​​of each company.



a fun and effective way to learn all kinds of content.

We design and develop SCORM digital courses with a high level of interactivity and animation. We work side by side with organizations Human Resources team.

  • Engaging and original courses that improve the user experience.
  • High-quality e-learning experiences that surprise students and increase their commitment to the learning process.
  • Attractive design adapted to each company. Html5, compatible with all devices. SCORM compatibility and its different versions.
  • Quizzes, self-assessment activities, Gaming. We are commited to make the experience unique!
  • Process virtualization. Rapid Learning with Articulate Storyline. Instructional videos.
  • Onboarding, processes, simulations.

    The use of metaphors, decision trees, gaming, avatars and interactive videos make this methodology even more dynamic.

    We think digital learning solutions.

    We produce tailor-made E-learning courses for companies guided by their training and identity needs.

    Corporate Universities | Gaming | Inductions | RapidLearning | SCORM format | E-learning for companies

    Custom-built solutions

    • We analyze the company, its needs, its possibilities.
    • We suggest solutions and available tools.
    • We help the client to choose the best option.
    • We manage and produce the whole process.


    • Clear and precise messages.
    • Agile and fun.
    • Entertaining and effective.
    • Short and dynamic pills.


    • Impressive video courses.
    • Shocking images.
    • Careful design.